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Welcome to The Captain America Library site!

This vast web resource is an unofficial but fun, complete, useful, and fan-made Captain America website that includes among other things:
  • A comprehensive comics library (with old, new and upcoming comics).
  • All movies with cool film info and photos.
  • Videos including movie trailers, deleted scenes, and gags.
  • Image galleries with wallpapers, movie posters, original artwork, and more.
  • Plus other media and info related to Marvel Comics' Captain America.

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Latest Site Update

Not What It Seems!

April 14, 2014

Wait, is this the Captain America Library? Yes it is, with a bold and bright new look courtesy of Webmaster Julio Molina-Muscara! Have a look around and let us know what you think!

Cap fighting the Avengers in CAPTAIN AMERICA #242? It’s just a psychological experiment by a two-faced villain (literally—he has two faces) up to no good!

Wait, didn’t the Avengers win Operation: Galactic Storm? So what is going on in WHAT IF? vol. 2 #55-56? It’s a two-part alternate history to show what would have happened if the Kree had been victorious in the intergalactic war—and things are always grimmer in a What If?!!!

PS Hope you saw the movie, it was ideal! Synopsis and review to come!


Latest Captain America Comic Book Issue

Captain America (2012) #19 cover

Note: This is the latest published issue from this comic book with a synopsis in our comics library.

Book name / Issue number:

Captain America (2012) #19


"The Iron Nail: Part 3"

Date of Publication:
April 2014

Rick Remender (Writer), Nic Klein (Penciler), Nic Klein (Inker), Dean White (Colorist), Nic Klein (Cover Penciler), Nic Klein (Cover Inker), Nic Klein (Cover Colorist)

3.5 stars

Captain America has boarded the hijacked new Helicarrier Gungnir only to see it come under attack by the rest of SHIELD’s forces. As he looks on in horror, the massive craft shoots down two other Helicarriers and several planes. Aboard Gungnir, Maria Hill is forced to watch the disaster by the Iron Nail, gloating over his plan to free the world from the tyranny of SHIELD. She tries to fight the villain but her mind is captured by Dr. Mindbubble. Cap searches the ship, fighting his way through several of the Iron Nail’s henchmen and blaming himself for the disaster by letting Nuke live…..

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Latest Captain America Related News

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January 29, 2014

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November 11, 2013

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October 7, 2013

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Quote of the Week

"Patriotism taken too far is fanaticism."

~ Captain America
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Classic Comic of the Week

Classic Captain America comic of the week:

Captain America #112 cover

Captain America #112
(April 1969)

"Lest We Forget!"

3 stars

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