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Derivative Sin!

September 1, 2014

My apologies, I wasn’t able to get this week’s comics (including ORIGINAL SIN) in time to get them posted, so here’s some older Cap stuff. In CAPTAIN AMERICA #268, Cap teams with the Defenders for a story that continues into DEFENDERS #106-107; I’ve written up the Cap tale, Rob Johnson supplies the concluding issues.

And as part of his trip though CIVIL WAR tie-ins, Rob also sends us FANTASTIC FOUR #539 wherein Cap leads a mission to rescue some unregistered heroes from the clutches of the pro-act people. And now it’s my turn: here’s CIVIL WAR: FRONT LINE #1 where we see the effects of the Act on ordinary people, and start the sad story of Speedball, the only survivor of the Stamford incident which led to the Civil War in the first place!



The Watcher sees no more: Check out issue #1 from Original Sin, the newest mega-event from Marvel.Cap makes a SKRAASH in Secret Avengers #8 (from 2010) by Mike Deodato, Jr!Down memory lane: Gene Colan on Captain America #256 (from 1981).We want you to buy less comic magazines! So says Marvel. Wait, what?Read our full synopsis and review of Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Latest Captain America Comic Book Issue

Captain America (2012) #23 cover

Note: This is the latest published issue from this comic book with a synopsis in our comics library.

Book name / Issue number:

Captain America (2012) #23


"(No title given)"

Date of Publication:
August 2014

Rick Remender (Writer), Nic Klein (Penciler), Mariano Taibo (Inker), Dean White (Colorist), Nic Klein (Cover Penciler), Nic Klein (Cover Inker), Nic Klein (Cover Colorist)

4 stars

The mysterious armored warrior from Arnim Zola’s ship crashes through the doors of Avengers Mansion. He is confronted first by Iron Man, then Thor, and lastly the Hulk. He is able to avoid their attacks through his superhuman agility and penetrate deeper into the mansion. The warrior finds the aged Steve Rogers and unmasks to reveal…his adopted son Ian, thought dead in Zolandia (issue #8). Ian explains that the fiery stream he fell into was the same stuff he was made of and so regenerated. He is here now to aid the heroes in stopping Zola’s invasion. Falcon, flying high over the city with Jet Black, contacts Steve and they arrange that the Avengers will attack Zola head on as a distraction for Falcon and Jet to enter the tower secretly, though Jet suspects something more to her father’s scheme. Thor, Iron Man, and Hulk battle the mutates alongside Ian; they go down easily enough but then they see a bigger hurdle: a quartet of superpowered mutate versions of Cap, Thor, Iron Man, and Hulk, calling themselves the Unvengers….

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Quote of the Week

"Patriotism taken too far is fanaticism."

~ Captain America
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Classic Comic of the Week

Classic Captain America comic of the week:

Captain America Comics #1 cover

Captain America Comics #1
(March 1941)

"Case No.1: Meet Captain America "

4 stars

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