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"Civil War II: The Oath" Comic Book

End of publication: 2/1/2017

Book Description

1-shot epilogue to Civil War II, setting up for the Secret Empire event.

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Civil War II: The Oath #1 cover

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Book name / Issue number:

Civil War II: The Oath #1


"(no title given)"

Date of Publication:
January 2017

Nick Spencer (Writer), Rod Reis (Penciler), Rod Reis (Inker), Dono Sanchez Almara (Colorist), Jeff Dekal (Cover Penciler), Jeff Dekal (Cover Inker), Jeff Dekal (Cover Colorist)

4 stars

Captain America (Steve Rogers) lands on SHIELD Helicarrier Iliad. The SHIELD Agent who greets him is enthusiastic about the inspirational speech Cap made this afternoon, and Cap promises to end the ''turnover'' of recent years. The Agent leads him to where they have Tony Stark''s body in stasis. Where he begins a 1-sided conversation.

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