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A SECRET WARS Tie-in and More!

June 1, 2015

The new stuff this week is all from Rob Johnson and it all ties into big events! First up is SECRET WARS 2099 issue #1: here we see and new team of heroes 84 years from now, including a new, female Captain America! And then there’s ULTRON FOREVER #3 which also features a new, female Captain America! What are the odds?


From the 80s we have CAPTAIN AMERICA #302; a pair of martial artists are out to snatch Cap’s shield! Will they be any match for Cap and Nomad?


And from the odds and ends folder we’ve found CAPTAIN AMERICA: REBIRTH, a nice one-shot with Cap reviewing in career while helping a teenage girl solve a family mystery!


Next time around we hope to have SECRET WARS #3 in the bag. ‘Nuff said?




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